I am so grateful that we made the decision to have Kelly as our doula for our son’s birth. Kelly was a rock of support for both my husband and me. She kept me active during early labor, walking the halls of the hospital. When they still sent us home after three hours, she came home with us and advised us about when to return to the hospital. She assisted me with relaxation techniques and helped my husband ask the right questions. She insisted that [my] husband eat and stayed with me while he went; he never would have gone if she hadn’t been there. My labor lasted from Sunday evening through Tuesday morning (almost 36 hours) and was just before Christmas. Despite all this, Kelly was unwavering in her dedication to our delivery. Her positive attitude, ready smile, and confidence are invaluable for a laboring mom. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”

-Andrea, Waseca, MN

While going through a difficult pregnancy and being faced with pain each and every day I was at my wits end. I was fortunate that Jesse reached out to me after being told at each DR visit that there was nothing that they could do for my hip and pelvic pain and that it was going to get worse the farther I was. Jesse was so kind to teach me a simple squat that I tried that same night. And what do you know…that night I slept in bed and woke up the next morning without hesitation. Then she showed my husband and I some more exercises to do. She absolutely saved me for I was falling into a deep depression due to the pain. She is a very passionate person and in my eyes…a God Sent! Thank you Jesse!!”

-Stephanie, Eau Claire

Kelly was amazing at my birth. She helped me to stay calm. My labor was quite long and despite my energy waning, Kelly’s stamina was infectious. She kept me focused when I wanted to give up. She worked well with my husband too. He wanted to be helpful for me but being the first time seeing a birth, he wasn’t sure how to best support me. Kelly helped him to know where and how to apply pressure and when I needed him to just hold my hand. We accomplished our goal of a drug-free birth because of her support. I will be forever indebted to her for the positive birth experience in my memories.”

-Jesse, Withee

Jesse from Birth and Beyond was my doula in the spring of 2013. Simply put, she was amazing. Though I was having my third child and considered myself pretty well versed in pregnancy and the birthing process, having Jesse there to guide and support us was truly a gift. She worked with me and my husband to create a birthing plan that would work for our family. She was thoughtful and knowledgeable about our options and was always available to discuss any concerns that we had.

While I had experienced pregnancy and the miracle of birth twice before, it was a new experience for my husband. Jesse’s soothing presence and her expert skills were amazing in helping him to get the most our of our birth experience.

During labor, Jesse was absolutely wonderful! She was there to help me through contractions and kept what we wanted in focus, both for us and the hospital staff, which put us both at ease.

We are so honored to have had Jesse at our birth. She is caring, patient, warm and strong… all around phenomenal. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a doula (even if they don’t really know it yet).”

Kelly, Eau Claire

After being friends with Kelly all through high-school, I knew that there was no one else that I wanted by my side during that grand adventure of giving birth. She just had this way of making you feel comfortable and strong, and never once made me doubt myself. All of that carried over directly into the delivery room, through those impossible moments of agony and ‘oh god I can’t do this.’ She was there, holding my hand (and at one point my legs), and getting that cold washcloth when everything seemed too hot and too challenging. She was even there when I wasn’t quite sure what to do, giving advice from her own experiences but never pushing at me to do anything that she knew I wasn’t really comfortable with.

It didn’t stop after labor, either.

There were countless middle of the night phone calls that I, the hesitant single mother, would give to my coach … How do you do this, what do I do when this happens, what does this thing mean?

With the patience of a saint, she walked me through it all. Always being there for me no matter what and never faltering. She made parenting … feel easy even when it was the furthest thing from it.

Honestly and truly, I would have been lost without her by my side … and I am to very lucky to have had Kelly’s patience, understanding, and kindness guiding me through it.”

-Laura, Eau Claire

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