Birth and Beyond is a doula agency providing prenatal, labor, and postpartum doula services as well as placenta processing.

What is a doula?
The word doula comes from the Greek word meaning “woman who serves.” Today it refers to the men and women who support new and growing families before, during, and just after the birth of a child.

A doula’s job is to provide emotional and physical support, education, and resources to his/her clients. As important as a doula’s actions are, what doulas don’t do is just as important.

Doulas Do Not:

  • perform clinical tasks (vaginal exams, heart rate monitoring, etc.)
  • judge you for the choices you make
  • let their personal values or opinions interfere with their care of clients
  • replace partners or nurses
  • deliver the baby
  • speak on behalf of the client


Why Should You Hire A Doula?
While we believe that a woman controls her own birth and empowers herself, statistics* have shown that the presence of a doula can:

  • shorten labor
  • lower levels of fear and anxiety
  • increased maternal and partner satisfaction with the birth experience
  • improve communication between mother and care providers
  • lower levels of stress hormones
  • improve neonatal outcomes
  • reduce risk of postpartum depression
  • improve parent-infant bonding
  • improve parental confidence

* Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23076901


Why Birth And Beyond?

At Birth And Beyond, we firmly believe in non-judgmental support. Families are perfectly capable of making whatever decisions are right for their family. It is not our place to judge, only to support. If a client needs more information to make the decision for their family, our doulas will provide non-biased information if requested or referrals to other professionals who offer services to growing families.

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